Kaotica Life

0.01 _@Paul Macartney Paul Mccartney 2021 - Writing of the McCartney III album during Isolattion

Paul Mccartney


Snoop Dog 2022

Snoop Dog 2022

Snoop Dog with his custom Kaotica Eyeball

Offset 2022

Rapper Offset Recroding New Album

Offset 2022 Recording Album

Sam & Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx Kaotica Eyeball

Jamie Foxx and Sam Harmonix recroding in an ATL Mansion


Back Street Boys 2021

The backstreet boys in the studio working on there latest album

Snoop Dog in his LA Studio learning how to record

Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog in his LA Studio learning how to record

@coolcnd Enginner Jay-Z Florida Studio


Cool CND in his Florida studio preparing a track for Jay-Z


2 Chainz Norway

2 Chainz in Norway Recording with the Kaotica Eyeball

Dave Pansado

Dave Pensado

Dave Pensado at SAE talking about the Kaotica Eyeball

T Pain

T Pain and Sam Hormonix

T-Pain and Sam Harmonix working on an album with Jamie Fox

Dave East

Dave East 2021

Dave East hanging with Moran Tha Man with the Kaotica Eyeball


LaurenBaddy Hotel Room

LaurenBaddy recording in her hotel room with her dog

Email_Cypress Hill

B-Real Cypress Hill

Cypress hill being gifted a Kaotica Eyeball by Fredwrek

Jamie Fox

Jamie Fox Kaotica Eyeball

Jamie Fox in Atlanta recording with Sam Harmonix

Eva_Sita Kaotica Eyeball

Eva Sita Voice Over

Eva Sita recording VO

blacyoungsta Kaotica Eyeball


BlacYoungsta session recording


Fabulous 2021

Fabulous at I-Heart Radio being presented his Kaotica Eyeball

Kj Contech Kaotica Eyeball

Kj Contech

Recording Bible of Love

Lady Antebellum recording on there Tourbus

Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum recording on there Tourbus


In Studio

In studio Session with Official Eldelao and the Kaotica Eyeball

Bahamas Recording


Recording outside with PourItUp in the Bahamas

US Army

US Army

Recording at the military base with the Kaotica Eyeball



Artist Cliff working in the studio with his Kaotica Eyeball

Konrad Zukowski

Avila Brothters

Konrad Zukowski Dropped by and met up with the Avila Brothters in LA

The Big Homierum

Recording in My Car

The Big Homierum recording pulled over in his car on an LA street

Dem Jointz

Dem Jointz Aftermath Records

Producer Dem Jointz at Record One studio recording a new track

Toogs Music

Toogs Music

Toogs Music studio drum setup with the Kaotica Eyeball

Eyeball Car

Eyeball Car | Kaotica Eyeball

Recording in a car with the Kaotica Eyeball


Spanish VoiceOver

Recording a Spanish Voice Over with Eva_Sita

Imsoliesol Kaotica Eyeball


The next generation we will fight for you

Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum recording on the tour bus with there Kaotica Eyeball



One of the UK's top Voiceovers Bert Deivert landing his latest Voice Over audition

New Year 2021

New Year 2021

Celebrating the 2021 New Year with Chanta Evetrice

Eric Bellinger

Eric Bellinger

Chillining with the goat Eric Bellinger in LA Home



Recording on the Los Angeles waterfront with Ianrollersax and the Kaotica Eyeball

Carelli Band

Carelli Band

Carelli Band hanging with the Dog in the Studio