RECORDING ON TOUR - Jazzy Jeff & Dayne Jordan

Kaotica Life @ 2019-02-04 22:48:49 -0700

Checkout a sneak preview of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Dayne Jordan on tour in London, UK.  The Kaotica Eyeball is the perfect studio booth alternative when you need to record vocals on the go.

For the last century, you've been accustomed to purchasing panels, diffusers, base traps, blankets and maybe some egg crates.  Whether you rent or own, you don't necessarily want to be putting holes in the walls. Even if you are committed to foaming everything up, it may not enhance the acoustics, unless you're an acoustician. 

Think of the Eyeball as a studio booth alternative that fits right over your microphone, sets up in seconds, and instantly transforms any space into a recording studio.